The Sebco 9500L Diesel Tank is a complaint above ground bunded plastic diesel tank system for use on farms and industrial situations all over New Zealand. These tanks are guaranteed to keep your fuel clean and secure, are tough and will not rust or leak.

The Sebco 9500 is easy, safe and efficient to fill and dispense from, dispenses up to 10 times faster than overhead tanks.

Sebco 9500 Diesel Station (9500 litre joining two Sebco 4800s under suction only with one pump) fully bunded and self contained, standard features include a Piusi 240 volts Cube 70 (70lpm) pump with resettable dispensing take and total take. It has a 3 way valve offering suction evenly from both or switching to suck from each individually, 4 metres of hose with auto shut off nozzle, Ocio level indicator, a light for night time use and a locking front door offering security. All nuts and bolts are stainless steel marine grade.
Sebco 9500 Diesel Station with MC70 (9500 litre) as above except fitted with a Piusi MC 70 key controller pump with 10 keys and software allowing downloads to personal computer of who took fuel , how much and what vehicle has been filled.

  • Fully bunded –HSNO Compliant diesel tank
  • Weather tight for optimal clean fuel
  • Piusi high flow pump with meter, 240v or 12v systems
  • Optional pumps with PIN or key pads that will track diesel usage per vehicle
  • 4 metre hose with automatic shut off nozzle
  • Lockable access door with isolation switch to minimise risk of fuel theft
  • Remote level indicator – up to 1km between diesel station and home/office
  • Convenient and safe to fill and dispense from
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Bulk head light
  • Tie down points
  • Siesmic restraints available
  • Specialised diesel grade resin
  • Complete with all signage and easy to follow operators manual
  • 25 year design life


  • Tank type: Two bunded storage and dispensing tanks
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Location: Above ground
  • Safe fill level: 9500 litres
  • Diameter: 50000mm width
  • 2800mm length
  • Height: 2300mm
  • Flow rate: 70lpm
  • Inspection Aperture: 135mm
  • Venting: 135mm
  • Colour: Grey/Blue door
  • Fill point: Ground level filling with 50mm cam lock or direct fill
  • Security: Lockable access door with pump isolation switch
  • Dispensing: Via automatic nozzle/4 metre flexible hose
  • Additional fittings: Choice of 240v or 12v pumping systems, automatic nozzle,
  • Flow meter, remote electronic gauge, bund warning system,
  • Bulkhead light, tie down points.
  • Quality Assurance: HSNO compliant, ERMA approved Code of Practice, ISO9001
  • Installation requirements: As per supplied technical instruction book. All electrical
  • Connections to be made by a registered electrician
  • Maintenance requirements: As per supplied technical instruction book
  • Material type: Diesel grade polyethelene
  • Chemical Stability: Diesel
  • Ultra violet stabilised: Yes


* All the information supplied is understood to be correct at the time of publication however FSS has a policy of continued improvement so has the right to amend product specifications without notice.

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